Basic Natural Gas Safety Tips for Your Home

  • When cooking over a flame, don’t wear loose clothing or spray cooking oil. Do not place flammable substances near the flame. These include anything that will burn–such as paper towels, fabric or food packaging– nearby.
  • Children should never attempt to light natural gas logs or space heaters.
  • Never play with the valves that turn gas logs on and off.
  • Always remove the gas log valve key and store it in a safe place, away from the reach of children.
  • Always open the chimney flue before lighting gas logs unless the logs are the ventless style.
  • Never wear loose clothing or place flammable materials of any kind near a natural gas space heater. Never dry clothing on a natural gas space heater.
  • Curtains/drapes should never be located near a natural gas flame (cooking range, space heater, etc.).
  • Never use natural gas cooking appliances for drying clothes or heating a room.