Information for Emergency Officials

Take whatever steps necessary to protect the public during a pipeline emergency. The following suggestions are offered only as a guide.

    1. Secure the area around the leak. This could include:

  • Evacuating people from homes, businesses, schools and other locations.
  • Erecting a barricade to prevent access to the emergency site.
    2. Take steps to prevent ignition of a pipeline leak. This could include:

  • Rerouting traffic and turning off electricity and residential gas supply by qualified individuals.
  • Preventing ignition sources from entering the emergency site.
    3. Contact your local gas company as soon as possible.

  • They will dispatch personnel to help and aid the response to the emergency.
  • Their¬†personnel will take the necessary actions, such as opening or closing valves and similar steps to minimize the impact of the situation.
  • Do not attempt to operate any valves; this action could escalate the emergency.